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Self-service use cases

Especially in the digitalised age, customers often encounter technical problems of all kinds that could be quickly solved themselves with the right guidance. However, these problems are usually difficult to describe via the service hotline and can only be solved with great effort. Self-service solutions can help here.


What are the use cases in self-service?

The forms of application of self-service in technical customer support are diverse: from a simple FAQ section on the company’s website, where customers can quickly read up on answers, or by means of a portal/forum where they can help each other, to chatbots, where, with the help of conversational experiences in a dialogue to find the right solution. Many people have already had experiences with this relatively well-known application, but more often negative ones. Because complex problems in particular cannot be solved without real people, even today. Here it is important that users are not left alone and that the connection to the customer service is made when necessary.

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Optimising Customer Service – Challenges and Solutions

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Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

What is the ideal medium for self-service?

As a contemporary medium, mobile devices in particular show their strength and support the self-service approach of offering help anytime and anywhere. Without media disruption and in a familiar operating environment, a coordinated reference can be made here to a chat, callback or call. The self-service app thus serves as a platform and contact point for customer concerns throughout the entire customer journey. Collected data can also be made available to the service team during the self-help process, thus considerably shortening the processing time. Apps also offer the possibility of continuously adding new features in order to further develop the customer experience.

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