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Measure internet speed directly in the App

Give your customers confidence with a comprehensible and proven bandwidth measurement.

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    Wether you are working remotely or relaxing on the sofa in the evening –
    a fast internet connection is fundamental.

    With the Speed Test App feature, your customers are able to measure their current Internet speed at any time – whether out of interest or because the Internet connection is stuck.

    The evaluation of the measurement results takes into account the respective customer situation and provides further information if necessary. This demonstrably reduces the number of calls to your service hotline.


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    Important key data

    • Download width measurement
    • Explanation of the Speed Test and the results
    • Hints for improving the situation
    • Consideration of contract speed, WLAN signal strength or WLAN speed, synchronization rate at the router.
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      Speed Test Data

      Internet is not just WiFi

      For customers, WiFi problems usually mean Internet problems. However, countless factors can be the cause of the problem. The correct classification of the situation is usually difficult and in the event of a service call via the hotline, it is only comprehensible to a limited extent. This leads to frustration on both sides and high service costs.

      The Speed Test App feature not only takes upload and download into account but also includes factors in the home network such as WiFi signal strength, WiFi speed, distance to the router, synchronisation rates and more.

      Due to the consideration of these factors as well as through comprehensible explanations of the results and hints, it is possible to contribute to the improvement of the situation. If there are more profound problems, they can be directly forwarded to problem analysis and troubleshooting. This creates a seamless journey without media discontinuity.


      Understanding internet speed

      The Conntac Self-Service App not only supports the independent measurement of internet speed, but also creates real added value for your customers.

      The results of the Speed Test are presented through intuitive instructions and explanations so that they can be understood and put into the right context by your customers even without technical know-how.

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