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The limits of chatbots in technical customer support

Chatbots have become increasingly popular in recent years and offer an easy way to answer customer enquiries quickly. However, despite their advantages, they often reach their limits, especially when it comes to technical customer support. This is where the Conntac self-service solution shows its strength. Why is our solution better than a chatbot? Let’s look at the limitations of chatbots and why the Conntac self-service solution is the optimal choice for internet service providers.


Limitations of chatbots


Limited problem detection

Chatbots are based on pre-programmed scripts and can only work within these scripts. They usually do not have access to relevant technical parameters that affect the WiFi and the router. This makes it difficult for them to recognise and solve complex technical problems that lie outside their programming. This often leads to frustration among customers who are confronted with unsatisfactory answers.


Lack of depth

Chatbots are often unable to provide in-depth technical instructions. For example, if a customer needs help configuring a router, a chatbot can only provide limited support. The Conntac self-service solution, on the other hand, offers detailed instructions and step-by-step help tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Read more about intuitive user guidance in the blog post.


No individual customisation

Chatbots usually work according to a standard protocol, with no consideration for individual customer problems. Our self-service solution, on the other hand, is flexible and customisable. It offers personalised support and takes the customer’s specific circumstances into account.


Lack of human interaction

Although chatbots are available around the clock, they lack the human touch. Customers often prefer more personalised support, especially for complex technical issues. Our solution offers the possibility to contact customer service directly if necessary. We will show you how to use contact channels more effectively in technical customer support.


Advantages of the Conntac self-service solution


Comprehensive support around the clock

Our self-service solution helps customers to solve their problems independently – anytime and anywhere. Whether initial setup, troubleshooting or optimising the WiFi, our solution offers comprehensive support and significantly reduces the need to call customer service.


Relief of the customer service

By using our solution, up to 25% of technical calls can be avoided. This relieves the burden on customer service and allows employees to concentrate on more complex enquiries.


Fast and efficient troubleshooting

The processing time for support enquiries can be reduced by up to 70 %. This not only improves the efficiency of support, but also customer satisfaction.


Customisability and integration

Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into the existing service landscape and can be customised to match the company’s branding and design. This enables a standardised and consistent customer experience.


Long-term customer loyalty

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. By providing a reliable and efficient self-service solution, internet service providers can strengthen customer loyalty in the long term. Find out more about customer expectations of telcos.



While chatbots can be useful in certain areas, they often reach their limits in technical customer support. The Conntac Self-Service Solution offers more extensive and personalised support that benefits both customers and service providers. With our solution, you can increase customer satisfaction, organise service more efficiently and benefit from greater customer loyalty in the long term. Convince yourself of the advantages of the Conntac self-service solution!


Find out more and request our live demo to familiarise yourself with the possibilities of our solution. Conntac – because good customer service should know no boundaries.


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