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Optimise WiFi

Independent WiFi optimisation in the home network

About 75 % of the problems can be traced back to the customer’s home network. With the feature Optimise WiFi, you enable your customers to optimise their home network independently and at the same time relieve your service hotline.

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    Optimise WiFi

    fast, uncomplicated and without waiting

    Let your customers carry out WiFi measurements with the help of the Self-Service App – on the individual floor plan and router location of their home. This way, they can independently analyse their home and determine whether and where repeaters should be optimally placed.

    Decisive for an outstanding customer experience is the comprehensible and self-explanatory presentation of the measurement results as well as concrete recommendations for action.
    For you as an Internet service provider, there is also the option to make repeater recommendations for rooms with poor coverage and to link directly to the suitable device for purchase.

    Just a few steps to optimal WiFi coverage for your customers’ own four walls

    The intuitive and user-friendly interface helps your customers to identify problems in their home network quickly and easily and to solve them independently with the help of self-explanatory instructions.

    Optimize app screen home WLAN

    Step 1

    All steps for WiFi optimisation as well as basic technical requirements are explained in an understandable way.

    App screen Optimize WLAN Add rooms

    Step 2

    The rooms of the home are created – several floors are also possible.

    Optimize app screen WiFi plan floor plan of the apartment

    Step 3

    The floor plan of the home can be laid out individually and neighbouring rooms can be defined.

    App screen WLAN optimize very good measurement result

    Step 4

    WiFi measurements are carried out for each room with comprehensible instructions.

    Optimize WLAN app screen Floor plan measurement result with repeater recommendation

    Step 5

    Afterwards, a result is given for each room and, if necessary, a recommendation for optimising the WiFi. In case of a need for optimisation, customers receive a repeater recommendation with immediate ordering option.


    Improve customer experience with Optimise WiFi

    • You offer your customers a seamless 24/7 user experience
    • You create trust and awareness on the part of your customers in distinguishing between WiFi and Internet
    • You relieve your telephone support – customers do not have to pick up the phone
    App screens optimise WiFi measurements

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