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WiFi Device Setup

Easily connect WiFi-enabled devices to the home network

With the WiFi Device Setup feature, your customers can connect various WiFi-enabled devices to the home WiFi and share the access data with guests – intuitively and quickly in the App.

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    App screen Xbox One setup with app

    WiFi Device Setup

    fast, uncomplicated and without waiting time

    Step by step, your customers connect a wide range of devices to the home network. Your customers are accompanied through the entire process until the desired device is connected.

    • Support of various device types (Computer, Chromecast & Co)
    • Understandable, illustrated instructions
    • Uncomplicated sharing of the WiFi with additional devices and guests
    App screen Xbox One setup with app

    No more tedious searching

    Share access data with QR codes

    The practical feature WiFi Device Setup also helps in everyday situations and saves time. With just a few clicks, a QR code can be generated for the respective WiFi.

    Of course, all networks available in the home network, such as the guest WiFi, are taken into account. Visitors scan the QR code and are connected in no time. The code can also be saved in the camera roll or sent directly. In addition, this can also be saved in the photos or sent directly.

    App screens Scan WLAN access data with QR code in app

    Connecting WiFi devices via WPS

    WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a standard with which a WiFi connection can be established in a very simple way. Two WiFi-enabled devices are connected at the touch of a button.

    There is no need to enter a password in a configuration menu. Instead of manually pressing the WPS button on the router, your customers can activate WPS directly in the App.

    Faster setup of Smart Home devices with WiFi Device Setup

    More and more customers are networking their household appliances and home network with each other – and creating a smart home out of their home.
    The technical, intelligent solutions are designed not only to make everyday life and comfort easier, but also to connect to the home network quickly and easily.
    Whether voice assistants, thermostats or hoover robots – with intelligent instructions and the WiFi Device Setup feature, our Self-Service Solution supports the connection of Smart Home devices.

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