Your customers can not only contact your customer service by phone, but also initiate tickets from the self-service app. Learn more about the ticketing function.

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Contact Channels

Call, Chat, Callback, E-mail

Communicate with your customers via different contact channels and adapt them individually to the needs and capacities of your customer service. This eliminates long waiting times and significantly improves support. experience.

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    Faster processing of incoming service calls

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    Controllable volume - tailored to your capacities

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    Scalable and customisable cloud solution

    Excellent Customer Service

    Offer the right contact channels for your target group

    Respond to the needs of your customers and create an outstanding customer experience.

    If it is not possible for customers to solve their problems themselves directly with the help of the app, the Self-Service App forwards your customers to your service hotline. Outside of hotline availability, a callback function can be used.

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    Faster processing of service requests

    prepared information from the Self-Service App

    With the Conntac Self-Service Solution, consisting of an app and dashboard, the collected findings from the app are already available to the service staff in a processed form.

    Whether router model, firmware/software, speed test results or WiFi measurements within the home – this information offers you real added value in the personal exchange with your customers.

    • All information from the customer’s individual home network (even with offline routers)
    • Simple and quick representation of the problem in the dashboard
    • Queries are reduced to a minimum
    • 75% actual reduction in support time


    Use customer contact to your advantage!

    Personal contact with customer service is an opportunity to promote long-term customer loyalty, especially in technical customer support. So use the exchange to your advantage!

    Whether up- & cross-selling measures, feedback, questions, to report problems or for praise of the company or the services.

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    The optimisation of your customer service and the satisfaction of your customers is our top priority! Therefore, offer your customers the most suitable contact channels.

    Would you like to integrate only one, several or all contact channels into the self-service app and/or link them to conditions such as the day of the week, the time or an incoming limit? We adapt your self-service solution to your needs.

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    Find out more about the opportunities and use cases of self-service contact channels in our article.

    Man gets messages on smartphone

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