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the somewhat different contact channel

Your customers discover a problem, get stuck and want to avoid calling your hotline for individual reasons? The Ticketing feature facilitates the establishment of contact and additionally provides in-app information to simplify ticket processing.

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    Simple creation of tickets including process number

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    Asynchronous communication makes it easier for your customers to contact you

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    Parallel ticket processing in customer service shortens response times

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    Better control of staff resources

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    You decide the daily ticket limit

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    Better control of staff resources

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    You decide the daily ticket limit

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    Creating a ticket

    Ticketing for unresolved problems in the home network

    If a concern or problem cannot be solved independently in the Self-Service App, you can offer your customers the Ticket feature in addition to classic contact channels such as phone calls or e-mails. It will only be placed at selected exit points where personal contact with customer service is necessary.

    App screen Ticket creation in the app


    Creating a support ticket without technical know-how

    When creating a ticket, customers enter their telephone number of the connection or the customer number, as well as their first and last name. The data can also be transferred directly with an API connection. At the same time, they select the preferred contact channel, e.g. by e-mail, SMS or callback, via which they would like to be notified about the processing status of their ticket. All further details on the problem description are communicated via the automatically supplied incident number, which service staff can view in the Conntac Dashboard.

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    Stay on top of things in customer service!

    Ticketing supports you in making processes as simple as possible for both your customers and your customer service. Your customer service receives tickets to your CRM or e-mail application.

    The automatically supplied process number facilitates the problem presentation. Information such as the router version, contract speed or the last measured Internet speed of the customer can be viewed. This speeds up the processing of support requests and reduces the AHT in customer service enormously..


    Determine channels and volumes

    Is your customer service currently busy? Are you experiencing a lot of disruptions? As an Internet provider, you have the option to set a maximum number of incoming tickets and to decide when and whether to allow customers to create a ticket.

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    Solve complex technical issues and problems independently.

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    Contact Channels

    Offer the appropriate contact channels for your target group.