Self-Service Solution

The all-in-one solution for technical customer support.

The Conntac Self-Service App and the Conntac Dashboard help thousands of customers with technical problems of all kinds. From independent troubleshooting of the Internet connection to quick contact with the customer center – 24/7, intuitive and fast.

    Self-service solution for the telecommunications industry

    Conntac Self-Service App

    The Conntac Self-Service App helps customers of internet service providers and telecommunication providers to help themselves. Offer your customers a unique user experience – from analyzing and solving home network problems on their own, or helping them with everyday tasks related to managing and optimizing their entire home network.


    • Fast, targeted analysis of problems
    • Network measurements & user input
    • Empowering people to help themselves through interactive instructions
    • Contact customer service
    Conntac Self-Service App analyses Internet connection

    The Conntac Self-Service App is adapted to the needs of all ISPs. Are you an internet provider with a large number of customers and would like to offer your own app in your branding? Then the Standalone Self-Service solution is exactly the right solution for you!

    For municipal utilities and regional ISPs who want to offer a unique user experience to their customer base, there is also a solution. The MyProvider Self-Service App is the solution for AltNets!

    Everything at a glance

    The Conntac Dashboard

    The Conntac Dashboard for service agents and managers bundles the customer requests from the Self-Service App. Because not all issues can be solved within the App.

    Problems and processes are reported in real time. With the help of these insights, it is possible to react specifically to the needs of customers and to improve customer service processes in the long term.

    Icon – Padlock

    Service Operations

    Icon – Serial number

    Fault Report

    Icon – Barcode

    User Administration

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    Conntac Self-Service Solution

    Benefits at a glance

    • Excellent customer service – Whether at night, on weekends or on holidays, customers can solve home network problems 24/7.
    • Outstanding customer experience – intuitive and user-friendly interface supports customers
    • Problems in the home network can be identified quickly and easily with the self-service app and solved step-by-step yourself
    • Relieve your service hotline – concentrate on urgent tickets and customer enquiries
    • High savings of expenses in customer service – fewer calls, shorter processing time
    • Ideal for up- and cross-selling measures
    • Also functional without internet, hardware-independent, GDPR-compliant

    Efficiency in customer service

    Self-service Apps in technical customer support

    If a problem occurs in the customer’s home network – with the hardware or the connection – they often have to expect long waiting times in the service hotline. Furthermore, without technical know-how, it is difficult to explain the existing problems in such a way that service staff can understand and solve them within a few minutes. This causes frustration on both sides.

    Self-Service Apps are the ideal solution in technical customer support. They enable people to solve complex problems on their own. Individual consideration is given to the respective situation and technical understanding – independent of time and location.

    Self-service solutions eliminate standard problems for customer service employees. This gives them more capacity to focus on more complex customer problems. They are empowered to use their time and skills more effectively where it really counts. This in turn has a positive effect on the customer experience and customer loyalty.

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    Stay informed about the latest industry insights – read our new whitepaper now.

    Whitepaper magazine with the title automated customer service



    Stay informed about the latest industry insights – read our new whitepaper now.