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Marketing Channel

Proactive in-app marketing

Place your advertising where your target group already is. The Marketing Channel gives you the opportunity to inform your customers about promotions within the Self-Service App and generate more sales. The dashboard also provides you with an evaluation of the in-app marketing performance.

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    Own marketing tile in the main menu of the app

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    Attractive design in your branding

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    Link to the offer on your website

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    Spam is a thing of the past!

    You design your marketing activities and determine who you want to reach

    Spam is a thing of the past! You design your marketing activities and determine who you want to reach.

    With the Marketing Channel feature, you can address your target group individually and precisely within the Self-Service App.

    This feature is also an excellent addition to other features of the solution. For example, product updates can be recommended, contract upgrades offered or repeater recommendations played out directly in the troubleshooting of technical service cases. Talk to us about the potentials!

    App-Screen Marketing channel

    In-app marketing

    Play out several promotions directly in the app.

    Do you have several promotions to communicate? With the Marketing Channel you can rotate different promotions, for example: friends recruit friends, security packages, free data volume or seasonal advertising at Christmas, Easter or summer holidays and much more!

    App-Screen Marketing channel

    Evaluate your in-app marketing

    Evaluate the performance of your promotions and gather important insights

    Performance data is available for every action in the Conntac Dashboard. Use this data to derive new measures for your marketing!

    App-Screen Marketing channel

    Individual in-app marketing solution?

    No problem with the connection to your systems

    Every company and every target group is individual. Of course, you have the option of coordinating individual marketing solutions for your Self-Service App with us.

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