Discover all self-service features

Create your own Conntac Self-Service App.

The Conntac Self-Service App includes many features to help you successfully drive your technical customer service and your business forward.

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    Self-Service Features

    Create a unique customer experience

    The Conntac Self-Service App supports customers in analysing and solving problems on their own, in optimising WiFi and in measuring the speed of their home network. In addition, the app simplifies contact request to your customer service, reduces the workload for administrative user settings and convinces with many other useful features.

    Troubleshooting and Analysis

    Speed Test

    Easy-to-understand as well as tried-and-tested bandwidth measurement.

    Optimise WiFi

    WiFi optimisation in the home network for your customers.


    Solve complex technical issues and problems independently.

    Setup and administration

    WiFi Device Setup

    Connect devices with WiFi and share access data quickly.

    Customer Portal

    The central contact point for all customer matters.

    Router Configuration

    Easy router configuration via Self-Service App.

    Setup Assistant

    Set up routers and network-enabled devices in just a few minutes.

    Camera Scan

    Faultless reading and automatic insertion of data.



    Ticketing for unresolved problems in the home network.

    Marketing Channel

    Place your advertising where your target group already is.

    Contact Channels

    Customise contact channels to suit your customer service.

    Fault Report

    Inform customers about external and internal faults.