MyProvider App

The Self-Service Solution for alternative network providers (AltNets)

MyProvider App Screen shows two people with a laptop.

Are you a AltNet provider offering (fibre) internet and other telecommunication solutions and would like to offer your customers a digital communication channel within a self-service solution?

The MyProvider Solution is customised to your needs and your technical customer support.

    MyProvider App Screen shows two people with a laptop.
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    Best Practice Self-Service Solution

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    No initial IT impact and no maintenance

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    Smooth integration into the existing service infrastructure

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    Rollout within only two weeks

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    High customer satisfaction through strong UI/UX focus

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    The app for AltNets and regional internet providers

    MyProvider App

    With the Self-Service App for alternative network providers (AltNets), you enable your customers to set up their routers on their own, solve their problems in the home network – or configure their administrative settings independently.

    Let your customers check their contract data and billing or get in touch with your customer service – quickly, easily and conveniently. With the AltNet app, simply from home or on the move with your smartphone.

    The MyProvider App is specifically tailored to the needs of Internet Service Providers with less than 25,000 customers.If you have a larger customer base, big growth goals and want a standalone app with your branding and custom design? Check out our Standalone Self-Service Solution!

    All Self-Service Apps by Conntac
    MyProvider App Screen displays choice of providers.

    MyProvider App


    • Quick and easy device setup
    • Intuitive problem analysis and problem solving
    • View contracts, invoices and more

    and many other features. Discover the full range of features now!

    Agent checks user data in the dashboard.

    Everything at a glance

    Service Dashboard for service employees

    Agent checks user data in the dashboard.

    The Conntac Self-Service Solution for AltNets includes the intuitive MyProvider App for customers and a Service Dashboard for customer service staff. In this way, you can keep an eye on all in-app processes in technical customer service.

    • Statistics
    • Fault Reports
    • Operations
    • User Administration
    Agent checks user data in the dashboard.

    Self-Service Solution for AltNets

    MyProvider – your customer service solution

    The Self-Service App is specially tailored to the technical customer support needs of municipal utilities and regional Internet providers. With the Self-Service Solution, customers can be helped quickly and easily.

    Conntac MyProvider App workflow to get to the home screen.


    Benefit from our best practice experience and get to know an app that convinces through its user-friendliness, its simple handling, as well as a very fast rollout – within only two weeks.

    • No maintenance effort
    • Rollout within only two weeks
    • Individual add-ons possible

    Are you an internet provider and/or energy supplier and therefore require add-ons such as submitting meter readings or viewing consumption data? We look forward to a joint exchange regarding your application!

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    Technical Details

    Individual Self-Service App
    In your branding and design in the app stores

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    One app in the app stores (Android/iOS)

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    Provider selection at first app start

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    Optional extensions possible

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    Customisable content and branding

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    Conntac Service Dashboard with separate customer data & employee accesses


    How long does it take until our customers can use the MyProvider App?

    The complete backend infrastructure is already in place, and the app is also already in the common app stores. The integration of your company as well as the corresponding adjustments is possible within two weeks.

    How can we add our CI to the MyProvider App?

    Of course, we customise the app branding and content such as logo, primary & secondary colour, contact details and connectivity varieties according to your business.

    Why is the MyProvider Solution only available for ISPs with up to 25,000 customers?

    The MeinProvider Solution provides AltNets – regardless of the size of the company – with a low-cost entry into the self-service landscape.

    In principle, integration into the MyProvider Solution is also possible for ISPs with more than 25,000 customers. However, since the costs exceed those of the standalone solution, integration into the MyProvider solution rarely makes sense for such companies. However, let’s talk about your status quo together first!

    Is the MyProvider App the best solution even for 20,000 customers with growth targets at the same time?

    In this case, we recommend that you implement a Standalone Solution. However, let us talk about your potentials and compare the monthly licence costs of both solutions.

    Why is there no disadvantage if customers see multiple providers when starting the app?

    After the first app start and the selection of the provider that goes with it, the provider is already preselected the next time. Your customers will therefore experience the use of the MyProvider App with your corporate identity.

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