Self-Service App

for Internet-Service Providers

Customer calls service agent.

The Conntac Self-Service App helps customers of internet service – and telecommunication providers to help themselves without having to contact the service hotline. Independent problem solving creates a positive customer experience and relieves your service hotline provably.

About 80 % of all customers prefer self-service solutions to personal contact with customer service. So expand your service portfolio with the customised Conntac Solution for ISPs – a win-win, not only for your customers!

    Customer calls service agent.


    Those ISPs already trust in our solution

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    Initial setup feature start display and chatflow.

    Self-Service App

    For technical customer support

    Thanks to the intuitive and interactive instructions, customers will be able to solve their home network problems on their own – without a personal assistance from the customer service. In addition to the troubleshooting feature, other interesting features are also provided to give customers a unique customer experience.

    From the setup assistant to WiFi optimisation – the Self-Service App supports internet service providers and customers with daily technical customer support issues.

    Discover all features of the Self-Service App!

    Initial setup feature start display and chatflow.
    Smartphone shows information on network analysis.

    Profit on both sides!

    Benefits of the Self-Service Solution

    • Up to 25 % fewer technical calls
    • Up to 70 % shorter processing time
    • Fewer field service appointments
    • 24/7 assistance for customers
    • Long-term customer loyalty
    • Improvement of the customer experience
    • Cross- and upselling potentials
    • Detailed data analysis
    Self-Service Dashboard shows data of a customer.

    Customer Service Dashboard

    App Processes at a glance

    Self-Service Dashboard shows data of a customer.

    If a problem is identified during the self-service process and personal customer care is necessary, the app will direct your customers to your customer service. The Service Dashboard for managers and service agents provides you with all the information you need.

    Technical Details

    Individual Self-Service App
    In your branding and design in the app stores

    • Greater customisability
    • No initial IT impact and no maintenance
    • Smooth integration into the existing service infrastructure
    • Fast rollout
    • High satisfaction through strong UI/UX focus
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