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Router Configuration

Simplifying router management with intuitive configuration options

Configuring the router easily via an App? No problem with the Conntac Self-Service App! The feature supports your customers in WiFi configuration, in setting up and dejamming home phones, and even in WiFi time switching as a parental control.

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    consistent and comprehensible interface


    Configuring routers or other devices is usually tedious and challenging without technical know-how. User interfaces are difficult to understand, not very intuitive and vary from device to device.

    With the help of the Router Configuration you offer your customers a consistent and intuitive experience. You can view and change WiFi router settings directly in the app without having to search for the necessary information.

    • Unified and intuitive router control via the App
    • Simple and fast WiFi configuration
    • Help with home phone setup and troubleshooting
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    The App allows customers to change the following WiFi settings: WiFi name, password and channel. Furthermore, the App automatically activates the WPS function of the WiFi router, if desired, so that customers can use this feature on another device.

    It is also possible to set up a WiFi timer – as a parental control or to save power so that the WiFi is automatically switched off at a set time.

    • Enable WPS
    • Configure WLAN networks (SSID, password, 2.4GHz / 5 GHz / 6 GHz, channel)
    • Configure WiFi timer


    Independent configuration of the telephony setting

    In the App, customers can add, edit and delete their phones – regardless of whether they are connected by cable or by radio, both connection variants are supported by the app.

    The configuration makes it possible to assign a name that is shown on the display or in the router in order to distinguish between telephones. Furthermore, the answering machine can be configured.

    • Add and manage phones (cable / DECT, set name, phone number assignment)
    • Add and manage answering machines (switch on, switch off, announcement delay, recording length, call number assignment)
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        Independent management of the router setting

        The Router Configuration can be used to change the router password or to restart the router and perform a factory reset.

        Customers can also check for updates and thus bring their router up to date. After a factory reset, the self-service app also interactively guides the user through the process of setting up the router again.

        • Change router password
        • Router restart
        • Factory reset
        App screens Password change on router
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