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Intelligent text, QR and barcode scanning down to the small print

Conntac’s Self-Service App Camera Scan feature enables fast, easy and error-free reading and automatic insertion of data. This feature creates real added value, especially for use by Internet providers.

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    Password scanning

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    Serial number scanning

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    Barcode scanning

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    QR Code Scanning

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    Label scanning

    Without media disruption

    Automated data collection directly in the app

    The intelligent mobile scanning solution recognises text, QR codes, serial numbers and barcodes – even the simultaneous capture of multiple data is possible.

    The feature guarantees fast and correct data entry and automatic insertion at the appropriate place. Incorrect entries and the manual typing of complicated passwords and activation codes are thus a thing of the past.

    It doesn’t matter whether the data is to be read from a flyer, an order confirmation or a hardware label.

    App screen for QR code scanning

    The Camera Scan is an integral part of the initial setup. Discover all our self-service features!

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    Save time with mobile scanning solutions

    Stress, lack of time or other distractions can cause numerical errors and typos within manual data entry, such as when entering complicated passwords or router information.

    App screen Check router access data
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    Automatic allocation of the information

    Thanks to the Camera Scan feature, there is no more endless searching and entering of the required information.
    The scanner feature of the self-service app independently recognises texts, codes and data on documents or labels. The information is then processed and assigned directly in the app.

    Camera Scan in the Self-Service App

    Your Benefits

    No more endless searching for the information you need. The scanner of the self-service app takes care of the text search and entry of documents into the app.

    Error-free and fast entry of complicated passwords, identification numbers and more.

    Intuitive operation, understandable process and extremely user-friendly.

    Other industry? No problem!

    Would you like to learn more about how our mobile solution for scanning router data, meter readings and much more can support your employees and your customers? Do you have specific use cases that you would like to talk to us about?

    We have illustrated how the Camera Scan feature can be used in the example of internet providers. The feature also creates absolute added value in other sectors, for example in the energy industry. Feel free to contact us for an individual solution!

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