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The self-service experts for more satisfaction in customer service. We empower people to master complex processes themselves.

Who we are


At Conntac, unique characters can be found. We complement each other in our individual strengths and share a common passion for software.
Things are not always serious with us: thanks to a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere in the team, we have fun at work. We support each other, exchange ideas and thus create an attractive working environment. Together we are driving the digitalisation of customer service.

Founding team

With a vision.

In 2017, we started with the vision that all people – with the help of our solution – can master complex processes themselves. Even a space shuttle can be repaired by laymen if the instructions are understandable enough. Whether in space, at home, at the workplace or on the move – our solution provides every person with the optimal guidance for the task at hand in every situation – automated, intuitive, interactive and 24/7.

Portrait Dr Michael Faath

Dr Michael Faath

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait Benjamin Wöhrl

Benjamin Wöhrl

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait Christoph Keller

Christoph Keller

Chief Technical Officer

Portrait Prof Dr Rolf Winter

Prof Dr Rolf Winter

Innovation Management

Insight at Conntac

How we work

At our Augsburg location, we are working on the self-service solutions of tomorrow. On just under 200 square metres, we have the opportunity to realise our ideas and enough space for innovative minds.

Interested? Come and visit us in our office.

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What our experts say

Portrait Simone Beyser

"Working with an eye for detail on an intuitive solution that helps many people with technical problems is something I particularly enjoy in app development."

Simone Beyser
App Development

Portrait Cynthia Loos

"The challenge and motivation at the same time is to communicate the benefits and use cases of self-service solutions in a way that companies AND customers benefit from the sense of achievement!"

Cynthia Loos
Content & Online Marketing Expert

Portrait Tatjana Potechin

"Translating technically sophisticated processes into intuitive flows is not only at the core of a user-centric self-service experience, but our constant aspiration to drive the solution forward."

Tatjana Potechin
UX/UI Expert

Portrait Florian Franzl

"It's a pleasure to see our various partners exceed their strategic business goals in customer experience through our support."

Florian Franzl
Sales DACH

Portrait Stephen Hopson

„Giving your customers a simple and intuitive tool to overcome a frustrating and complex problem. That is how our self-service solution supports our clients Customer Experience strategy.“

Stephen Hopson
Sales UK

Portrait Nikolaj Klimenko

"A great user experience is the key to success. As a tester, I work to make sure all features work smoothly to maximise your customers' satisfaction."

Nikolaj Klimenko
Product Quality & Testing

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