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Fault Report

Communicate external and internal disturbances

Do your customers want to remedy an acute fault? Inform your customers proactively in the event of internal or external faults.

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    Create and manage fault reports quickly and easily in the Conntac Dashboard and reach your customers in the Self-Service App.

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    Limitation, for example, according to area code or router models

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    Notification function for successful troubleshooting

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    Consideration of affected customers in the analysis process

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    Inform about temporary disruptions with fault reports

    With the Fault Report feature, you as an Internet provider can inform your customers about both large-scale and local faults.

    As soon as your customers want to remedy a fault in the home network with the App feature Troubleshooting, the Fault Report is displayed to them if they are affected by the Internet error.

    Now your customers have the possibility to subscribe to the fault report. Via push notification, your customers will be informed immediately about the successful elimination of the fault.

    App screen large room fault is transferred from dashboard to app

    Fault rectified?

    Communicate successful troubleshooting

    Has the fault been successfully resolved? Then you can mark the previously created fault report as solved!

    To do this, simply enter a title and description text for the successful troubleshooting and activate the troubleshooting as a push notification for your customers who have activated a notification!

    Fault Report feature

    Your Benefits

    Avoid incoming calls from your customers in case of acute faults and failures – Be one step ahead of your customers!

    Improve your customer experience – Keep your customers up to date and feeling informed at all times.

    Relieve your customer service team – Keep the lines free and concentrate on urgent tickets and customer enquiries!

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