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Optimising Customer Service

There are numerous approaches and methods for optimising customer service. In this blog article, we take a look at selected strategies for improving the initial interaction with customers and continuously optimising service.


The importance of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the result of optimised customer service. Satisfied customers remain loyal, make recommendations and promote the growth of a company. The continuous optimisation of customer service therefore deserves special attention.


Key aspects of a good customer experience

A good customer experience requires far more than just fulfilling customer expectations. It is about increasing customer engagement by not only responding to their needs, but also offering personalised services. Solving problems quickly is just as important as the continuous improvement and acceleration of service processes. Guaranteeing round-the-clock availability ensures that customers feel understood and supported at all times. Providing new or novel experiences sets a service apart from the competition and reduces potential confusion. Last but not least, building trust and fostering a positive relationship with employees are key factors that create long-term relationships with customers and strengthen the company’s image.


Customer service channels at a glance

Email, LiveChats, telephone, self-service and social media are important channels in customer service. Each channel has its advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different types of enquiries and customer groups.



Offers customers the opportunity to send detailed enquiries, but is not suitable for time-critical requests.


Live chats and chatbots

Offer fast and immediate support, especially for less complex enquiries.



Enables personal and confidential communication, but is not always efficient with high call volumes.


Social media

Are frequently used for customer enquiries, but require special support from the marketing team.



Customers can solve problems independently, which increases efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Optimising Customer Service – Challenges and Solutions

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics for companies, but customer service requirements are changing rapidly. Find out more now!
Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Challenges in customer service

Today’s digital dominance confronts companies with new obstacles. A single click is all it takes to sign contracts, book holidays or order food, reducing waiting times to a minimum. Customers expect a fast, professional service that meets their needs and provides a seamless experience in real-time, regardless of the communication channel used.

Traditional contact channels such as email or telephone, which are operated by human agents, face challenges as they can only support one person at a time. The combination of high call volumes, limited service times and a large number of concerns results in long waiting times and dissatisfaction.

Additionally, customer complaints about long wait times or dissatisfaction lead to more calls or messages. The purpose of customer service should be to solve problems, not create new ones. In the digital era, finding new solutions is essential. Simply providing a service channel is not enough today to meet the demands for real-time interaction and personalised contact channels. Omnichannel support that enables customers to use different service channels and at the same time offers companies a standardised view of customer concerns is therefore essential.


The solution: self-service in omnichannel support

In view of the large number of enquiries and increasing expectations on the part of customers, self-service tools offer effective relief for the service centre, as customers can solve problems independently without having to rely on direct interaction with support staff. The Conntac Self-Service App presents a user-friendly solution for technical issues that enables customers to find solutions quickly and easily. At the same time, the Conntac Dashboard provides service staff with an intuitive interface to assist customers when needed and ensure a seamless exp At the same time, the Conntac Dashboard provides service staff with an intuitive interface to assist customers when needed and ensure a seamless experience.



Optimised customer service today requires more than just one service channel. The combination of self-service with human support offers the best cross-channel solution. Customers can choose how they want to interact with the company, while service staff benefit from a reduced workload. Find out more in our online talk on call, chat and email – why you should rethink traditional contact channels now at the latest.


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