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Customer service trends 2024: focus on innovation, technology and customer centricity

Good service experiences have long since become standard for customers. Companies must increasingly keep pace with the growing challenges and continuously develop their service offerings. The year 2024 also promises exciting developments for customer service. From advanced technologies to an even stronger focus on customer needs – here are the most promising customer service trends for 2024.

1. Hyper-personalisation for tailor-made experiences

The era of personalised customer experiences will continue to evolve. In the coming years, companies will have to increasingly rely on data-driven analyses to understand customers’ individual preferences and behavioural patterns. Hyper-personalisation enables tailored offers, recommendations and interactions that sustainably increase customer satisfaction.


2. Multi-channel integration for seamless interactions

Customers expect seamless interactions across different channels and without media discontinuity. Expectations of companies are higher than ever. Nobody will want to have to repeat problems, general data and the situation several times by 2024 at the latest. Companies will need to invest more in the integration of multi-channel strategies to ensure a consistent customer experience. Smooth communication between different platforms is becoming an obligation – not just a trend.


3. Proactive troubleshooting and predictive analytics

Proactive troubleshooting is becoming a key factor. With the help of predictive analytics, companies can anticipate and resolve potential problems before they even occur. This not only reduces complaints, but also strengthens customer confidence in the reliability of the company. Companies must therefore use intelligent tools to better predict and eliminate potential causes of problems.

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The most important customer experience trends in 2024

You should consider these ten factors for an outstanding customer experience for your company in the coming year at the latest.
Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

4. Self-Service Apps as standard

The trend towards self-service apps is continuing and is becoming the standard, particularly in technical customer service. Companies will increasingly rely on user-friendly apps that enable customers to solve problems and enquiries independently, among other things. The advantages of this are obvious: reduction of support requests, relief of the support team, satisfied customers or a steadfast competitiveness, to name but a few.

5. Environmental awareness in customer service

Last but not least: Environmental awareness will also play a role in customer service. Customers will increasingly favour companies that take their social and ecological responsibility seriously. Companies will therefore increasingly have to introduce sustainable measures, be it through digital processes to reduce paper consumption, environmentally friendly shipping options or the elimination of field service work, e.g. due to independent problem solving or device setup. Find out in another article why the use of self-service apps can be sustainable!


Customer service in 2024 will be characterised by innovation, a clear focus on customer satisfaction and individual support experiences. Companies that recognise and implement these trends at an early stage will not only improve their service quality, but will also be able to build strong customer loyalty in the long term.

Technical customer service 2024 together with Conntac

Conntac has developed an innovative self-service app for technical customer service for internet service providers. The interaction between the app for end customers and the service dashboard for service employees makes solving problems in the end customer’s home network child’s play.

The app enables users to solve complex technical problems independently. This is customised to the respective situation and technical understanding – independent of time and location. Technical problems can be viewed at a glance in the dashboard via a supplied app process number. If a problem does need to be solved over the phone, customer service can help find a solution without many queries.

Companies can make use of the general statistics: How many problems have arisen this week? How many can be solved independently? What was the main cause?

Ready to revolutionise your service landscape with us in 2024? We look forward to hearing from you!

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Through her agency experience and in-depth research, Cynthia has extensive knowledge of the customer service industry and its future development.

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