Sustainable Service App on Smartphone

Are service apps sustainable?

Service apps don’t save the world – sure – but they give companies the opportunity to support their customers faster and more efficiently. But are service apps sustainable? Can this technology help reduce the environmental impact of businesses? Service apps offer a variety of functions that companies can use to help their customers. It is obviously not “done” just by using self-service apps and they are not a “must have” or THE SOLUTION for sustainability strategies, but another angle for companies to look at, alongside other KPIs such as reduction of service requests. In this article, we explore if and how service apps can contribute to sustainability and why it is important that companies integrate sustainable solutions into their business models.


Sustainability through self-service apps

Self-service apps have the potential to take sustainability to a new level. With the help of digital assistants, customers can be helped with simple problems without the need for technicians to come on-site. Instructional videos and step-by-step instructions can be used from the comfort of your own home, for example, to commission equipment or carry out minor repairs yourself. These new technologies not only save companies time and money but also reduce CO2 emissions.


Fewer service trips through self-service apps

Self-service apps contribute to sustainability by avoiding unnecessary trips. Technicians no longer need to appear on site for every small problem but can focus on more complex tasks that require a physical presence. By integrating remote service into service apps, companies can not only satisfy customers but also contribute to sustainability. Although the technicians are no longer on-site, they can still provide fast and effective support if a standalone solution is not possible. So when it comes to being more environmentally conscious, self-service solutions are a real win-win for companies and customers.


Avoiding waste of resources with remote services

Remote support by technicians not only saves companies time and money but also improves the efficiency and quality of repairs and maintenance. When analysing problems, spontaneous replacement purchases for end devices are avoided, because often it is spatial problems, such as the router location, and not the end device itself that is broken. Many laypeople would not recognise this and in today’s fast-moving world, Amazon and Co. would receive replacements the very next day. Remote service thus reduces resource consumption and the carbon footprint, facilitates repairs and maintenance and improves customer service. This means that both customers and companies not only save time and money but can also be sure that the service is carried out in the best sense for both companies and customers. In short, remote service is another step towards sustainability and customer satisfaction.


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