One App Strategy for Internet Service Providers

One-App Strategy: Success Factor for ISPs

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In today’s digital era, communication behaviour has changed drastically, especially among Generation Z and Millennials. Phone calls are becoming less frequent, while convenient and asynchronous communication channels are preferred. Internet service providers face the challenge of meeting these changing customer demands. One solution to this is to implement a one-app strategy. In this blog post, we highlight the importance of this strategy for ISPs and the benefits it offers.


Changed communication behaviour

Generation Z and Millennials are less accessible by phone. They prefer text messaging, chats and other asynchronous forms of communication. A one-app strategy enables ISPs to cater to these channels and offer their customers convenient and flexible interaction. Surveys¹ show that around 80% of Generation Z and Millennials are afraid to make or receive a call. They perceive calls as an intrusion into their daily lives and therefore prefer text-based communication. A one-app strategy meets these needs and enables seamless and timely communication. But older generations who are already adapting to new forms of communication also benefit from the new touchpoint app. True to the mobile-first approach, it is already common to pay, place orders and stay in touch professionally and privately via smartphone.


Convenient self-service options

By implementing a central app, ISPs can offer self-service options to their customers. This allows customers to deal with their concerns independently and flexibly without having to rely on personal contact. This saves time and improves customer satisfaction. Studies² show that 70% of respondents in Germany prefer a provider that offers online appointments when choosing a new service provider. Implementing a one-app strategy enables ISPs to meet this need and provide customers with an efficient self-service experience.

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