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Home network setup made easy

In today’s digital world, a stable and well-functioning home network is essential. However, the increasing number of end devices exchanging data over the local network makes setting up and managing a home network increasingly complex. This is a particular challenge for Internet service providers, as a large number of customers need support in setting up their WiFi. It is essential that providers offer their customers the tools to quickly and easily set up their routers and other network-enabled devices themselves. In this blog post, you will learn how your customers can easily and effectively set up their home network.


Possible challenges and problems with WiFi setup

Before we get into the solution, let’s look at the challenges customers often face when setting up WiFi. From choosing the right router to cabling and configuration, the process can be complicated and prone to errors.


Challenge 1: Choosing the right router

The variety of routers on the market can present customers with the challenge of choosing the best router for their needs. Compatibility with the Internet connection and end devices must be ensured to enable smooth operation.


Challenge 2: Cabling and placement of equipment

Proper wiring and location of the router and other network-enabled devices play a crucial role in ensuring a stable internet connection. When customers set up their home network, incorrect cabling can cause interference and affect WiFi performance.


Challenge 3: Configuration and security

Configuring the router and setting up a secure WiFi connection can present technical hurdles, especially for customers with little technical know-how. An unsecured WiFi connection also poses security risks.


The Conntac Self-Service App – the easy way to set up your home network

With the Conntac Self-Service App you offer your customers the possibility to set up their router and home network effortlessly – no matter whether it is a DSL, cable or fibre optic contract and whether it is existing hardware or newly shipped devices.

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Reasons why customers do not reach the contract speed

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