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Using the customer service app as a digital marketing channel

With the Conntac Self-Service App, Internet service providers can not only proactively communicate malfunctions to their customers, but also communicate targeted individual marketing content. The focus of this article: the marketing channel.


Enhance customer service app with in-app marketing campaigns

You have a self-service app for your technical customer service in use, which is well perceived and downloaded by your target group? One of the biggest advantages of self-service apps is, of course, independent problem solving on the part of customers and the associated relief for your service hotline and reduction in average AHT. But another advantage of customer service apps is the targeted control of In-App marketing campaigns.

In-App marketing campaigns are specifically designed for mobile devices and address customers where they are: directly in the app. Therefore, it is obvious to fully exploit the potential of the customer service app, which not only relieves customer service and makes customers happy, but also increases sales. Targeted, proactive marketing within an app where your target audience already resides is more successful than campaigns played out to a neutral audience, according to Forbes.


Possible advertising topics in customer service apps

  • Seasonal advertising at Easter, at Christmas or even during the summer vacations
  • Advertising for new hardware, security packages or contract updates
  • Incentives to recommend to friends and acquaintances in order to attract new customers
  • Promoting interest in loyalty programs
  • Generate attention for social media channels

And that’s just a sampling of possibilities for topics you can promote, or communicate to your customers, in your customer service app.

Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Marketing channel: Proactive in-app marketing

The Marketing Channel gives you the opportunity to inform your customers about promotions within the Self-Service App and generate more sales.
Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Proactive own in-app marketing for up- and cross-selling – the advantages

Unobtrusive ad placement:

Since customers are already familiar with your brand and actively use the customer service app, in-app advertising is less intrusive and more natural than traditional advertising. Another advantage is that in-app advertising is only placed in situations when the user’s situation allows it. This ensures an end-to-end, optimal user experience.

Excellent targeting capabilities:

Provided you have set up an interface between your customer portal and your service app and act in accordance with data protection requirements, you can place targeted ads in the app, for example based on demographic or geographic characteristics. Furthermore, there is even the possibility of proactive marketing for new hardware, an upgrade to a better contract or repeater recommendations based on corresponding customer criteria.

Performance measurement:

In the Conntac Dashboard, service managers and agents can evaluate the performance of marketing activities and derive useful measures for optimizing further marketing campaigns.


Your marketing measures are displayed in your own customer service app. Thus, no third-party vendors and partner networks are involved, making the placement of your marketing messages within your app a safe environment.

No additional costs:

Since the advertising measures are not switched via third-party providers, but are switched natively via your own app, there are no additional advertising costs.


Fully exploit the potential of the Conntac Self-Service app

With the Conntac Self-Service App, you can target the right users at the optimal time in your best possible marketing mix. The proactive marketing channel of our self-service app opens up new possibilities of fine-mesh targeting and the option to generate sales and revenue alongside intuitive self-service functions.

Info: With the connection to your systems, the measures described above can usually be implemented. But even without a connection to your systems, the marketing channel is an ideal medium for up-selling and cross-selling measures, such as recommending the latest hardware, friends recruiting friends, or discounted rates under certain conditions. Please feel free to contact our experts. We look forward to discussing your individual requirements with you.

Author: Cynthia Loos

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