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Conntac Founding History

Conntac’s founding story started in a small office on the campus of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. There, the founders Benjamin, Michael, Christoph and Rolf forged the first prototypes and formed the vision of the self-service company. In the meantime, the idea has grown into a company with almost 30 employees and is the German market leader for self-service solutions for Internet providers (as of January 2023).


From the idea to the company

The idea behind the Conntac Self-Service solution is closer than you think.

“Can you give me a hand, my wifi isn’t working?”

These and other questions from the founders’ circle of acquaintances were ultimately the impetus for the development of software to solve all problems in technical customer support.

In this day and age, it is absolutely incomprehensible why technical problems have to be solved in such a complicated and elaborate way. For both customers and service staff, long waiting times in the service hotlines and endless catalogues of questions on the phone to narrow down the problem are usually frustrating and not very helpful.

From the very beginning, it was therefore important to Conntac to offer people help to help themselves by means of an intuitive and self-explanatory solution and, in addition, to support the service staff in processing service requests more quickly, should contact with real people become necessary.

The idea of a self-service solution was born!


Why did it become a smartphone app?

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone and it is also a constant companion. Whether in your hand, in your trouser pocket or even strapped on – the smartphone is always ready to hand. In the meantime, it has also become increasingly apparent that customers prefer to do their own research when they have a problem.

In order to make it as convenient as possible for customers, simple self-help assistance is to be made possible via the smartphone. In addition, the smartphone has the advantage that more functions can be used. Or have you ever scanned the router with your laptop camera?

Also worth mentioning is theConntac Dashboard, which now forms a significant part of the self-service solution. This connects customers with customer service if the problem cannot be completely solved in the app. Here, important insights into the use of the app and measures for optimising all touchpoints of the service landscape can also be derived.

Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Checklist – Is your company ready for Self-Service?

Our checklist will tell you whether your company is ready for self-service. We say yes!
Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Conntac – UX matters!

Especially in the case of technically complex problems that need to be solved, a well thought-out and intuitive user guidance is indispensable. At Conntac, the users have therefore always been in the foreground, in order to always provide ideal support with the solution, without detours, quickly and without any necessary prior knowledge.


What does Conntac actually mean?

What does Conntac actually mean?On the one hand, the name Conntac means “connectivity”, because Conntac ensures thatpeople and devices of all kinds can be easily connected to the Internet or another device. Be it in the home network, at work or on the road. On the other hand, the company name also includes the English term “contact”, because Conntac with its self-service solutions is the first point of contact with the help of which people all over the world help themselves with technical problems, no matter how complex they are.


The Conntac logo


What does the Conntac logo stand for?Conntac brings order to disorder! But what disorder? Conntac understands disorder as technical problems of all kinds, and order as the solution for them, which Conntac provides with the help of its self-service solution. Some people are reminded of the flag of the Free State of Bavaria by the blue colour and the diamond shape, and Conntac, as a company with its roots in Augsburg, cannot deny this.


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As co-founder and CMO, Benjamin is directly involved in the further development and external impact of Conntac. He also contributes his expertise in innovative self-service solutions and intuitive operating concepts.

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