Fibre to the Room (FTTR)

What is FTTR?

Fibre to the Room (FTTR) is a connection variant in the field of fibre optic networks. With FTTR, the fibre optic cable extends to each room or residential unit. From there, data is transmitted within the room via corresponding network infrastructures. This technology enables fast and reliable Internet connections directly at room level. In contrast to conventional approaches, where the fibre optic network is only extended to a certain point, FTTR offers a direct fibre optic connection right up to the end user.


Application area

FTTR is particularly suitable when a comprehensive fibre optic connection to the individual rooms is necessary for economic or technical reasons. This technology enables the individual provision of high-speed Internet in every room or residential unit without having to resort to the limitations of copper cables.


Technical requirements

FTTR requires the fibre optic network to be extended to each individual room or residential unit. Data transmission within the room then takes place via corresponding network infrastructures based on fibre optics. This direct connection ensures optimum performance and enables fast Internet connections at room level.


Advantages of FTTR

  • Direct fibre optic connection to each individual room or residential unit
  • Fast and reliable internet connections at room level
  • Avoids the limitations of copper cables for individual high-speed connections


Disadvantages of FTTR

  • Potentially higher costs compared to other connection options
  • Requires a comprehensive expansion of the fibre optic network to every room or residential unit



The implementation of FTTR requires the comprehensive expansion of the fibre optic network to every room or residential unit and the use of fibre optic infrastructures for data transmission within the room. Close cooperation between network operators and end users is necessary to ensure optimum performance and individual high-speed connections.

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