Success story of M-net Conntac and BUGLAS.

Success story of M-net and Conntac – in our Online Talk

On Thursday, 18 March 2021, we hosted a joint Online Talk with one of our long-standing partners, M-net Telekommunikations GmbH. Together we presented our joint success story of the M-net hilft app.

In a new format of presentation, live demo and interview, we gave viewers exclusive insights into the cooperation between M-net and Conntac, as well as the M-net hilft app. In addition, thanks to the participation of the Bundesverband Glasfaseranschluss (BUGLAS for short), we were able to shed light on today’s demands on customer service as well as the effects of the current situation from different angles.

The format was accompanied by presenter Nico Kanelakis, who guided the viewers step by step through the success story. In order to gain detailed insights from different perspectives, the three interview partners Dieter Lehmeyer (M-net), Wolfgang Heer (BUGLAS) and Dr Michael Faath (Conntac) were given the floor at the appropriate point. This allowed us to offer viewers an interactive and, above all, experience-based online talk.

The M-net hilft app was already released in 2018 and has since expanded M-net’s service offering. The app offers clients 24/7 help and empowers them to help themselves. For M-net, working with Conntac was an opportunity to further optimise their customer experience. Good acceptance of the app right from the start and today’s usage figures show that the M-net hilft app is exactly the right answer to customers’ problems. In our Online Talk, we learned from Dieter Lehmeyer, department head of the customer centre at M-net, that their customers particularly appreciate the user-friendliness of the app. He also praised the direct transfer from the app to customer service, as this brings the advantages of shorter response and processing times for both customers and customer service.

Also BUGLAS, of which both M-net and Conntac are members, assesses the cooperation between fibre network operators and service providers for self-service solutions as purposeful with regard to the current challenges. Particularly due to increasing digitalisation, but also very recently due to the Corona pandemic, the demands on the customer service of Internet providers are rising. Wolfgang Heer, Managing Director of BUGLAS and a fan of the app, emphasises that the digitalisation of customer service is inevitable for service providers in the telecommunications sector. M-net sets a good example and shows what it means to focus on its customers in this day and age and to understand what matters to them.

For Conntac the partnership with M-net was an important step towards independence and another chance to prove the Conntac self-service solution. For more than two years, the two partners have been working closely together, continuously optimising the M-net hilft app and expanding its range of functions. Just brand new, for example, is the feature Optimise WiFiwhich provides an understandable analysis of the Wi-Fi coverage for the entire home. On the part of Conntac, our founder and managing director Dr. Michael Faath took part in the Online Talk as an interview partner. Michael was not only the contact person for all technical questions from the audience, but also guided them through the live demo of the app and presented the associated dashboard for agents.

Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.
Online Talk


An exclusive insight into the cooperation between Conntac and M-net Telekommunikations GmbH.
Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

The Online Talk was a great success. We were able to give the audience insights into a long-term partnership among BUGLAS members and at the same time strengthen the relationship with our partner M-net through the joint exchange with regard to the Online Talk.

Our studio with brand new equipment is ready and further formats are already being planned. So stay tuned.

Moderator of this talk: Nico Kanelakis

Nico Kanelakis is a speaker, moderator and author from Augsburg. After studying political science and communication, he made a name for himself as a radio presenter on various shows. Today, he heads the Presidential Board of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and follows his passion as kunstSPRECHER

Author: Julie Kurrle

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