Conntac team member is working.

More space in the Conntac office

After coming back to the office after a long home office period, we were not only happy to finally work in familiar surroundings again, but also in new premises. Because we have more than doubled our office space again:

We have added a new meeting room, an open-plan office and even our own small kitchen with our so-called “Yellow Box”. The latter is the small anteroom of the kitchen with table and benches, which we use for quick meetings with a nice, hot cup of coffee.

We have created so much space in our old office that there is now even room for a great couch corner. This can now be used for creative brainstorming rounds or simply for a short breather in between.

Two sitting balls were added as colour accents, which the team also likes to use.

Conntac is growing and not only from a spatial point of view: we have expanded our team with three new members and are very happy to welcome them on board.

Author: Niki Fourkioti

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