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Innovative customer support for
Internet Service Providers.

The Conntac app supports customers with problems and questions revolving around their Internet access without having to call the Internet Service Provider. We combine network measurements with easy to comprehend questions and guides to enable the customer to fix common problems in the home network.

In control
of your home network.

Conntac enables customers of Internet Service Providers to analyze and solve problems with their Internet access on their own.

The results of a measurement determines whether or not additional measurements are necessary or if the customer needs to provide additional information to pinpoint the problem. Given the measurement results and the user input, suitable steps to resolve the problem can be offered to the customer.

The goal is to provide customers with the means to help themselves using comprehensible instructions and images. This way costly personal assistance can be avoided.

In case a problem cannot be fixed locally, the app can be used to contact the customer support. Thanks to the Conntac app, the support agent has all the information available about what the customer has already done to solve the problem and what the measurements show. With this information at hand, the customer does not need to reiterate theses steps, the agent has a better understanding of the problem and the problem can therefore be solved faster.

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To Internet Service Providers - our customers - Conntac offers a number of benefits such as a reduced call volume at the service line. But also problems of customers calling the support are better understood and their problems can be solved faster.

Integration & Features.

As a customer support solution, Conntac can be used as an extension to the existing support offerings or as a central gateway for all customer care purposes, also as a white-label product. On top of the app itself, we offer SDKs, interfaces and back-end software to integrate the Conntac Support Process into an existing support environment.

Conntac Feature Router

Conntac Support Process

Detects and solves problems automatically

Conntac Feature Chat

Modern ways to communicate with your support team

Chat, call-back, call-in or mail: the support always gets the available data from the app

Conntac Feature Kundendaten

Dynamic Manuals

Interactive problem solution for smartphone, PC and router

Conntac Feature Analyse

Analysis of the support processes

Reports, statistics and individual advice to optimize the support processes

Conntac Feature Router

Router configuration

Configuration of the (new) router directly within the app

Conntac Feature Meldungen

Customer notifications

Open up a new channel to your customers and provide them with recent, location-based information



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