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Taking pressure off the service hotline with the “Optimise Wi-Fi” function

As a telecommunications provider, you ask yourself what challenges your customers are most concerned about and how you can solve them quickly and in a targeted manner. A large number of service requests arise because of your customers’ impression that their Internet bandwidth in the home network is too low.


The bandwidth provided is often not the problem

Statistics show: In less than 50 % of such service cases, the problem actually lies in the insufficient bandwidth provision by Internet service providers. This is a real challenge for your service staff, as it is almost impossible to assess from a distance what is the cause of a weak or non-existent internet connection in the home Wi-Fi. However, due to increased networking, problems in the Wi-Fi home network are occurring more and more frequently, which is causing the number of service requests to rise. An inadequate internet connection in the home network is one of the three most common problems reported by customers of internet service providers (ISPs)*. So how can you as a telecommunications provider ensure that this problem of your customers is solved and your service hotline is relieved? The best-practice solution is self-service. If the cause of the problem can hardly be diagnosed and solved from a distance, there is an alternative option. Offer your clients the necessary support to identify and solve the problem themselves.

Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.


In our whitepaper you learn about the reasons why customers do not reach their full contract speed. Get your whitepaper now!
Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Helping your customers help themselves with Wi-Fi optimisation

With the “Optimise Wi-Fi” function, a large number of ISPs already support their customers in independently optimising their home network. The feature enables them to specifically find and eliminate the cause of a low or missing Wi-Fi connection. And that is: fast, uncomplicated and without waiting time. In just a few steps, your customers can find out whether their Wi-Fi is reaching everywhere they need it.

  • Step 1: Your customers open the Optimise Wi-Fi feature and receive an overview of the upcoming steps
  • Step 2: Your customers create the rooms of their home in the app, even several floors are possible
  • Step 3: Your clients design the floor plan of their home and thus define adjacent rooms
  • Step 4: After positioning the router, your customers carry out Wi-Fi measurements for the desired rooms
  • Step 5: Your customers will then receive a result per room and, if necessary, a recommendation for optimising their Wi-Fi. In the event of a need for optimisation, the customer receives a direct repeater recommendation with immediate ordering option.
Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Optimise WiFi – WiFi optimisation on your own

With the feature Optimise WiFi, you enable your customers to optimise their home network independently and at the same time relieve your service hotline.
Optimise customer service whitepaper is being read on a tablet.

Optimise Wi-Fi – The advantages at a glance

This self-service process ensures three crucial points in the improvement of your customer experience:

  • You create awareness on the part of your customers for the distinction between Wi-Fi & Internet
  • Your customers have a seamless user experience by improving their own situation in the home network followed by the possibility to order repeaters
  • Your customers do not have to resort to telephone support; as a result, your service hotline is relieved of the burden

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Author: Mathias Feistl

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