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Self-Service in the home network. Help customers faster and intuitively.

Extend your service offering with a customized Conntac service solution tailored to Internet Service Providers. Discover the individual components now.


  • Cloud-based solution
  • Custom branding
  • Quick onboarding
  • Extensible platform


  • Reduce hotline calls
  • Shorten call times
  • Process optimization
  • Data export


  • 24/7 support
  • Intuitive design
  • Cross-platform
  • Individualized help

The home network under control

The Conntac Self-Service app.

For your customers

Central customer portal

Your customers solve problems themselves without the help of a service agent thanks to intuitive and interactive instructions. In order to achieve this, we combine network measurements together with instructions and clear and understandable questions to empower your customers to help themselves.


  • Automatic problem detection
  • Automatic problem solving
  • Intelligent customer inquiries
  • Router support
  • Contact channels to the customer service

Process optimization

The Conntac Dashboard. For everything.

For customer agents

Better understand the problem

Not all possible problems can be solved by the app. Thanks to the Conntac Dashboard however, those customers can be helped more quickly. Your service agents have access to a problem description and to the list potential solutions to the problem that already have been tried to no avail.


  • Router information
  • Speed tests
  • Detailed problem description
  • DSL synchronization

For the management

App usage and utilization
Keep track of all process. Improve your customer service over time and transform it to better cater for your customers’ needs and problems. Gain new insights and adapt existing processes based on those. This way, you profit in multiple ways from your customer service data.


  • Real-time data
  • Trend analysis
  • Data export


Reduce cost

Savings-potential of the Conntac Self-Service Solution.


less calls to your service hotline

Your support hotline will receive up to 25% less calls thanks to our Self-Service solution.


of customers help themselves using self-service

Up to 80% of all customer issues can be handled directly through our Self-Service app.


faster handling of support calls

The average handling time (AHT) of phone support calls will be reduced by up to 70%.

Minimal integration. Brief training period.

Our award-winning Conntac Self-Service Solution only requires a minimal degree of integration: routers do not require changes and your CRM systems do not need to be touched. Through targeted training of your service agents, our solution will be integrated into your existing processes effortlessly.

Learn more about the capabilities of our solution.

Our experts are looking forward to hearing from you.

Florian Franzl

Project and partner management

Telefon: +49 (0)821 90780966

"I will give you a detailed tour of our self-service solution and support you on your path to become a self-service enterprise."

Extensible set of functions

A modular system for all customer care affairs.

We are constantly improving and extending our solution. The continuous and close collaboration with our customers is key to this process. Extending the base package of the Conntac Self-Service Solution is uncomplicated and fast.

Incident notifications

Inform about external & internal outages

Marketing channel

Proactive customer channel

First-time setup

Online in a matter of seconds

Contact channels

Phone, chat, callback, email
Learn more about available functions and the possibilities of the Conntac Self-Service Solution.

Other industry? No problem.

The Conntac Self-Service Solution can easily be applied to other industries and use cases. For example, business issues such as automatically explaining invoices to customers or collections of Q&As can elegantly and intuitively be realized using our solution. Contact us and we will discuss your individual use case.