Extended functionality

Create a unique customer experience.

Incident notifications

Inform about external & internal outages
Inform your customers about internal or external outages and other incidents timely. Create and manage incident notifications fast and easily within the Conntac Dashboard and reach your affected customers.


  • Targeted customer communication
  • Distribute notifications based on phone prefix or postal code
  • Distribute notifications to certain smartphone or router models
  • Reminder functionality
  • Consideration of notifications in the process analysis
Source of the displayed router: AVM

First-time setup

Online in a matter of seconds
Support new customers during the whole installation process. Starting with the unboxing of their new router to a fully functioning internet connection.


  • Notification on the contractual start date
  • Camera scan to capture all data necessary to connect
  • Explanations of routers and accessories
  • Supported by network measurements

Marketing channel

Proactive customer channel
Our Self-Service App can become your channel to customers to not only notify them about regional service outages but it can also be used as a medium to market current sales offers and promotions.


  • In-app section for promotions
  • Attractive styling based on your branding
  • Link to offers on your website

Contact channels

Phone, chat, callback, email
Offer a familiar medium and user experience to your customers. Distribute service requests to specific agents and achieve a balanced utilization of call center resources. Spare your customers long waiting times on a hotline and improve the overall support experience.


  • Calculable volume
  • Parallel case handling
  • Scalable

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Project and partner management

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"Our innovative solutions enable everyone to help themselves. Always thought from the customer’s perspective, our products are intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use. Do you also want happier customers?"

The Conntac Self-Service Solution

Quick and uncomplicated introduction of self-service with our base package.

We provide you with a tool, that enables you to understand your customers better, help them faster and support them more systematically. Start with the base package of our Self-Service Solution and constantly improve and expand your customer service offering.


  • Cloud-based solution
  • Custom branding
  • Quick onboarding
  • Extensible platform


  • Reduce hotline calls
  • Shorten call times
  • Process optimization
  • Data export


  • 24/7 support
  • Intuitive design
  • Cross-platform
  • Individualized help

Other industry? No problem.

The Conntac Self-Service Solution can easily be applied to other industries and use cases. For example, business issues such as automatically explaining invoices to customers or collections of Q&As can elegantly and intuitively be realized using our solution. Contact us and we will discuss your individual use case.