With the MyProvider app, our Conntac self-service solution is now also available for Internet providers with up to 25,000 end customers. 


As one of the leading providers of technical self-service in the German-speaking telecommunications market, we are bundling our best practice experience in a new app. Whether Internet provider, city utility, municipality or regional company – the app is specially adapted to the needs of providers with up to 25,000 end customers.


What is the MyProvider app and what can it do?

With the MyProvider app, Internet providers with up to 25,000 end customers can take their customer service to the next level. The MyProvider app offers the provider’s customers a service platform that offers support for initial setup, WLAN optimization and full fault clearance for the connection, among other things. 

The MyProvider app is therefore the first touch point for technical service inquiries, with a user-friendly interface and seamless integration into the provider’s service landscape. This ensures a consistent user experience and customers receive individual and targeted support at all times.  


How does the MyProvider app work? 

The MyProvider app is made available by Conntac in the app stores (Android / iOS). After downloading the app, end customers can access the respective solution via the provider selection.

In the start menu, you can now proceed directly with the analysis of the home network. Below we present some of the most popular features:

Device setup

The “Device Setup” feature actively supports end customers in setting up new Wi-Fi-enabled devices in the home network. Interactive instructions guide them from unboxing the router to connecting the first devices and help them set up their home connection on their own, even without specialist expertise. Just a few minutes after receiving the devices and you’re ready to go? This is easy with the MyProvider app. 

Optimize Wi-Fi

Another feature that supports the provider’s customers in all aspects of their Internet access is “Optimize Wi-Fi”. With Optimize Wi-Fi, end customers can analyze their homes and find out whether their Wi-Fi coverage is optimal. In a first step, they lay out the rooms of their home in the app; even multiple floors can be mapped intuitively and in a user-friendly way. In the next step, they assign existing Wi-Fi devices to their rooms. The app helps with the optimal positioning of the router. Then, the app takes Wi-Fi measurements and gives a recommendation as to whether an additional repeater would be useful. 

Problem analysis and resolution

Another reason for using the app is the “Problem analysis and solution” feature for the provider’s customers. The app supports users in troubleshooting their Internet connection, which means that hotline calls can be avoided and technical problems can be solved independently without any prior technical knowledge on the part of the user. 

How does it work? The app combines intelligent network measurements with easy-to-understand queries, which the app uses to identify the underlying connection problem. Through user-friendly and customized guides, users are accompanied step-by-step through the problem-solving process, empowering them to resolve numerous connectivity issues on their own. These step-by-step problem-solving guides can be used even without an Internet connection. Compared to static FAQs or static instructions, our solution consequently distinguishes itself through dynamic processes that adapt to the user’s circumstances and through its user-friendly interface. The strong focus on UX/UI and the focus on end users contributes to a high satisfaction and adoption rate of the app. 


Seamless integration

The app is the central starting point for all technical service issues and enables seamless transfer to the provider’s already existing contact channels through smart routing. For instance, if a problem cannot be solved through the app, the app generates an incident number and offers end users the option to call the service hotline of the respective provider from within the app. This creates a holistic user experience. The service employees on the provider’s side, in turn, receive insights into the measurements of the app in the form of the “Conntac Dashboard” by transmitting the transaction number. The Conntac Dashboard is an all-in-one platform that helps optimize processes and handles service requests more efficiently through real-time analytics.

With this information, it is possible to respond more individually to the caller’s problem and help them find a quick and accurate solution. This shortens call time (AHT), which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and reduced costs on the provider’s side. 


Which benefits does the MeinProvider app offer?

Due to our high level of experience – we help thousands of customers every day with our solution – as well as large and regional references, such as Telefónica Germany, Deutsche Glasfaser, M-net or Stadtwerke Norderney, we have developed proven analysis methods for technical problems. With MyProvider, we offer a best practice self-service app that is specifically designed to meet the needs of Internet providers with up to 25,000 end customers. The solution includes all established features of the Conntac self-service solution and impresses with an easy onboarding as well as a very fast rollout – within only two weeks, fully usable from the day of release. 

Furthermore, there is no initial IT impact and maintenance is done by us due to the SaaS model. Our customers have access to the latest solution at all times and benefit from our continued development of the service offering.  With our strong focus on UX/UI, we are able to provide a high quality and professional solution that leads to reduced costs on the one hand and higher customer satisfaction on the other. 


Why is Conntac the right partner for your project?

As one of the leading providers of technical self-service in the telecommunications DACH sector, our customers benefit from our best practice experience and our network. Thanks to our partnerships and market expertise, we were able to develop a solution specifically for the needs of internet providers. The strong focus on UX/UI, i.e. on the usability of the app and on the seamless integration into the existing service landscape of the providers are characteristic features of the MyProvider solution and all Conntac self-service solutions. A self-service solution with this focus is so far unique in the German-speaking market. 

  • Strong UX/UI
  • Proven analysis methods for technical problems
  • Always up-to-date SaaS solution 

Have we piqued your interest? Click here to get an idea of the MyProvider app and simply test our app yourself. After filling out the form, you will receive a free access code for our test provider so you can test the app for your needs without any obligation. 


More than 25,000 end customers?

You find the MyProvider app interesting, but want to offer your independent self-service app, fully adapted to your corporate identity, in the app stores? Then we have just the right thing for you. Talk to our experts about your use case. Here you can schedule a meeting with our experts.

Johanna Kugler


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